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American Pie Movie Review

In time in which high school kids are made out to be nothing more than either disgusting and brainless, or sweet and have an incredibly and annoying vast vocabulary and sentence structure, “American Pie” is a champion of showing us what really goes on in the hallways and in bedrooms after school. It’s crude, gross, […]

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American Pie 2 Movie Review

“American Pie 2” is a crude and obnoxious sequel to the 1999 hit, but it’s still damn funny.  This follow up is lacking the smarts and honesty of its young heroes that was in the first, but the charm and hilarious comedy is still there and greatly amplified. In it, the guys from the original […]

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13 Ghosts Movie Review

There aren’t too many who may know this, but “13 GHOSTS” is a really good, fun, and incredibly scary movie.  I am of course talking about the original, 1960 black and white version.  The 2001 version is just massively terrible.  It’s excessively loud, harshly edited, and annoyingly chaotic. The movie loosely follows the plot of […]

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