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Aliens Movie Review

Jim Cameron’s “Aliens” is Ridley Scott’s “Alien” on steroids.  It’s harsher, darker, and much more violent and action packed.  It’s all the more better.  In the original, we were given a vivid monster that hid in the shadows and mercilessly pounced on its victims.  Here, we get the same, only with Marines, machine guns, and […]

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Alien vs Predator Movie Review

One of my friends told me that since he was about fourteen, or something, he had been waiting for “Freddy vs. Jason” to be made.  I actually never followed up with him to see if the wait was worth it (I know that I would be definitely pissed if I were him), but it did […]

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Alien Resurrection Movie Review

Okay.  I’m not going to waste time with clever writing.  Witty puns, double meanings, and such.  No need for analogies or sentiments.  I’m just going to get to the point; make it quick and easy, simple and painless.  Alien: Resurrection sucked.  I don’t think that there was an entire moment in which I enjoyed the […]

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Alien 3 Movie Review

Alien 3 is a great looking, depressing film.  It has the same terrific effects of the first two, but director David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven) adds a touch of religious and death thematics.  The mix is an odd one.  I liked the movie, I liked it a lot.  I just could never really be involved […]

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Ali Movie Review

“Ali” is the perfect example of a movie that is just way too long.  Sure, it has some great features: Will Smith is a terrific as the energetic and controversial fighter, the photography offers some great shots and scenery, and the fight scenes are beautifully illustrated on the camera.  However, it’s Ali’s personal life that […]

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A Night at the Roxbury Movie Review

The ever popular skit of the two socially dense night clubbers on Saturday Night Live, which featured Will Ferrell and Chris Katan was one the was, without question, aimed for destination:Hollywood.  It was always a favorite on the show and featured a long list of celebrity cameo appearances: from Jim Carrey in one, to Helen […]

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A Few Good Men Movie Review

I remember when my mom would always watch “Columbo” during the day.  She still catches the reruns every so often, but before, the TV series about the unconventional and quirky police detective was a favorite past time of hers.  The show always delivered the exact, basic formula; the killer does away with whoever he needs […]

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13 Ghosts Movie Review

There aren’t too many who may know this, but “13 GHOSTS” is a really good, fun, and incredibly scary movie.  I am of course talking about the original, 1960 black and white version.  The 2001 version is just massively terrible.  It’s excessively loud, harshly edited, and annoyingly chaotic. The movie loosely follows the plot of […]

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2 Fast 2 Furious Movie Review

A long, long time….in a movie far, far away, director John Singleton had turned out one hell of a good movie.  That was way back in the day of 1991 and the movie was “Boyz N the Hood”.  He’s made a couple of ‘so-so’ films since then, but now, well then, in 2003, he gives […]

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Opening Lines, Pinky Probes, and L-Bombs: The Girls and Sports Dating and Relationship Playbook Book Review

If you’ve ever had to review one of your favorite movies or books before, I bet it took you a while.  I say that because here I am trying to review the funniest book I’ve read in years, Opening Lines, Pinky Probes, and L-Bombs: The Girls & Sports Dating and Relationship Playbook and I’m having some serious […]

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