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Opening Lines, Pinky Probes, and L-Bombs: The Girls and Sports Dating and Relationship Playbook Book Review

If you’ve ever had to review one of your favorite movies or books before, I bet it took you a while.  I say that because here I am trying to review the funniest book I’ve read in years, Opening Lines, Pinky Probes, and L-Bombs: The Girls & Sports Dating and Relationship Playbook and I’m having some serious problems.  You see, there are a gazillion hilarious aspects of this book that I want to share with you, but I can’t because that would make this review way too long to read.  You catch my drift?  It’s like when Tommy Boy or Caddyshack came out; there are a million hilarious lines from both those movies, and you want to tell your friends all of them but you only have five minutes.  That’s what I’m going through now, but I did find a solution: Buy the book.  It’s that good.  You will laugh your ass off, and I guarandamntee you’ll force everyone you know to read this book immediately, male or female, because they’ll both actually enjoy it.

I fell in love with the “Girls & Sports” comic strip back in college.  I read it every day, and had honestly completely forgotten about it until I got this awesome opportunity to review the creator’s new book.  Everything about dating and relationships gets ample coverage in this bad boy, from “Scouting the Prospects” at the bar, nightclub, or party in Chapter 2, how to prepare for battle on the “First Date” in Chapter 8, to “The Break-Up” in Chapter 14 and finishing with Chapter 17, “Getting Out of the Game”.  One of my favorite pages comes early in the book with a guide on how to “Infiltrate a Big Group of Girls”, one that Dane Cook would be proud of.  The authors created a hilarius “chalk board” graphic instructing one of your friends to create a diversion near the group by dropping a drink behind them, causing them to run right towards someone placed strategically right in their path, like a lion waiting in the weeds ready to pounce.  As I write this I realize that my words, sentence fragments, and 4th grade grammar really don’t even come close to doing this Man Bible justice, so let me just state again that this book is a must have.  Hell, you could just leave it in the bathroom, and every time you sit down flip to a normal page and laugh your ass off – for hours.

I’ve been to college, so I know you’ve already got plenty of reading to do for class.  This book however, still deserves your utmost attention because it’s priceless comedy that you cannot find anywhere else.  Every male out there in the world can relate to everything in this playbook, and when you hit page one you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you buy one book all year, make it this one; you won’t regret it.  This book receives College Downtime’s highest recommendation, without a doubt.  Pick up this book today!

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