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Animal House Movie Review

If every college student on the planet was allowed to have only one movie for their entire college career (no matter how long that may be) I have a sneaking suspicion that “Animal House” would be the consensus choice.  No other comedy hails college, sophomoric stupidity as brilliantly as this cinematic masterpiece that features the distinguished gentlemen of Delta Tau Chi (that’s pronounced “KYE”!!)

These men of the upper crust of society include the always boozed-up Bluto (John Belushi), the vagina obsessed Otter (Tim Matheson), Boone (Peter Reiget) as the boyfriend troubled by deciding between his girlfriend and non stop inebriation with his brothers (Yeah guys, we all know what we would do in his shoes….NO!!  Not that you damn softy!!  Now pick up that beer and start slammin’!!).  There’s alsoHoover(James Widdoes) the house president and D-Day (Bruce McGill) the destructive house lunatic.  And not but not least, are the pledges led by Pinto (Tommy Hulse) and Flounder (Stephen Furst).

There have been many imitations of “Animal House” but no other college (or even high school) movie has had such an impact of younger comedies.  No other comedy has been able to reset the standard for partying.  How else can you attend a toga party without yelling “TOGA TOGA TOGA!!”, or has made taking the dean’s sweet ass wife upstairs to your love cabin something to inspire to?

But the best thing about “Animal House” though, is the way its army of outrageous characters just sell it on the screen.  No college drunk will ever top Bluto, in fact, they’re nothing more than copies of him.  Otter’s scandalous extra curricular activities are blueprints for any 18-22 year old to study off of.  And watching the way the entire Delta Tau Chi avenges during the Homecoming parade is priceless.  Watching these goofy characters made you want to hang out with them, not just because what they did was hilarious and damn sweet, but also because their comradely is so pure and good, that it felt like family.

**** Stars

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