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American Wedding Movie Review

The first two “American Pie” flicks are incredibly funny and charming.  They’re both crude but allow us to really care about the characters (rare in today’s comedies based on gross out).  “American Wedding” is made in the same fashion.  Most of the characters are back and so is the charm of the first two.

The last (hopefully the last) installment of the series is about the wedding of Jim and Michelle, the cutest couple in recent years.  In the last movie, they ended up together after Michelle agreed to coach Jim so he could woo Nadia, but alas, he found true love with the band geek.

Anyway, Jim (Jason Biggs) wants to throw Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) the wedding of her dreams.  For the movie’s sake, it wouldn’t be possible with the help of his friends, dad, and of course, Stifler (Sean William Scott).

His friends have been shaved down to just Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Finch (Eddie Kay Thomas).  Kevin is barely given any lines (good thing too because he was starting to get annoyingly sappy) and Finch is highlighted to have a real showdown with Stifler on who’s the bigger seducer.

Stifler, always being the spotlight stealer, is once again the main attraction for the laughs.  His has perfected his sharp tongued and fowl mouth antics, is still willing to be the front man of any stupid and/or disgusting task, and is a raging homophobe.  The funniest part of the movie though, is when he ends up in a gay bar, competes in a dance off against the bar’s star regular, and ends up making friends with him.

The heart of movie, like the other two, is the relationship between Jim and his dad (Eugene Levy).  The two always stumble over words when they talk to each other.  They both know what’s going on and what the other is thinking, but they love each other so much that they try to make things as comfortable and painless as possible.  A nice twist though, is when Michelle ends up getting the same kind of advice from the dad this time.

The American Pie flicks are about their characters.  They could be put in any stupid situation, but because they’ve always stayed true to themselves and are portrayed in a way in which we care about, we’ll always laugh and enjoy it.

*** Stars

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