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American Pie Movie Review

In time in which high school kids are made out to be nothing more than either disgusting and brainless, or sweet and have an incredibly and annoying vast vocabulary and sentence structure, “American Pie” is a champion of showing us what really goes on in the hallways and in bedrooms after school.

It’s crude, gross, immature, and honest.  It proves that any real movie about high school is definitely rated R.

We all know what the movie is about.  Four guys, tired of being seniors who have yet to swipe their V-Cards, make a pact to support one another in their quest for loss of innocence.  They guys include Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) the one with the girlfriend, Finch (Eddie Kay Thomas) the cultured and witty one, Oz (Chris Klein) the jock with a heart of gold, and Jim (Jason Biggs) the goof ball who could is the only guy that could screw up getting laid when a willing, naked, Eastern European chick is laying in his bed.

There’s a bunch of supporting cast here too.  The best go to Jim’s dad (Eugene Levy) who is the best depiction of the uncomfortable father trying to cope with his son’s curiosity and experimenting of sex.  The other is Stifler (Sean William Scott) who is the funniest and truest portrayal of that ass-hole that every high school had.

Anyway, the movie sets itself apart from other movies because it not only is a true gross out movie but also has a lot of heart.  “American Pie” is made by Paul and Chris Weitz, and Adam Herz.  The director, producer, and writer show that they really care about this group of guys.  Though they put them in the most embarrassing moments, they also show that the guys have a brain and their trials and errors are done with heart, and not because the plot requires them to.

“American Pie” is my favorite high school comedy.  Sure, a lot of its jokes are sophomoric, but then again, so are most things about high school.

***1/2 Stars

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