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American Pie 2 Movie Review

“American Pie 2” is a crude and obnoxious sequel to the 1999 hit, but it’s still damn funny.  This follow up is lacking the smarts and honesty of its young heroes that was in the first, but the charm and hilarious comedy is still there and greatly amplified.

In it, the guys from the original have just finished their first year at college.  Realizing that the good old days of hanging out like they did during high school may be soon at an end, they all pack up their stuff and rent a beach house onLake Michigan.  Along for the ride though, is the incredibly crude Stifler.  His presence here makes the movie’s humor thrive at an all new level of ludicrousness.

The guys get summer jobs as painters, throw keggers, and still discuss the vast and mysterious universe of sex and relationships.  Kevin has broken up with his high school sweetheart Vicky (Tara Reid), Oz is completely in love with his new girlfriend Heather (Mena Suvari), Finch has had many sexual conquests but cannot do so without comparing to the milestone of sex from Stifler’s mom (Jennifer Coolidge), and Jim is still as much of goof as he’s always been and still fantasizes about the girl of his dreams – Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth).

When Nadia does indeed get a hold of him and lets him know that she’s coming to see him at the end of summer, Jim seeks out the counseling of Michelle, the flute fetish band geek who made him her bitch and ditched him the morning after.  She’s the only girl who could let him know of how his performance in bed rates.

There’s not a lot of thought going into the script.  Written again by Adam Herz, the guys aren’t given a compelling scenario do deal with.  Sure, they go through what every group of friends go through after their first year of college, but it’s poorly emphasized.

What “American Pie 2” does offer though, is a lot of laughs and excels at the genre of gross out comedy.  One of the best scenes is when Stifler (who steals the show most of the time) breaks into the house of two women he suspects are lesbians and tries to figure out if they are by searching for lesbian artifacts.

It’s a lot of laughs but with a lot of charm but little brains.

*** Stars

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