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Aliens Movie Review

Jim Cameron’s “Aliens” is Ridley Scott’s “Alien” on steroids.  It’s harsher, darker, and much more violent and action packed.  It’s all the more better.  In the original, we were given a vivid monster that hid in the shadows and mercilessly pounced on its victims.  Here, we get the same, only with Marines, machine guns, and lot more aliens.  In a way, “Aliens” is better than the first, but still, “Alien” still finds a way to reign supreme.

In the movie, Ripley is asked to advise a platoon of Marines sent to rescue a group of colonists on a far off planet.  It is believed that they have encountered the creatures and even more so that none will be left alive.  Ripley and the Marines arrive to find that both are true.  They encounter two survivors though.  The first dies in less than a minute after a baby alien burst out of her chest, and the second is Newt, a little girl and the last one left alive.

More importantly, though, the Marines also run into the aliens, and there are plenty of them.  When they arrive, Cameron sets the action into overdrive and an all out war practically occurs.  Everywhere you turn, there is an alien crawling around and preparing to take you out.

In “Aliens”, Cameron ups Scott in the world and behavior of the creatures.  Here, we are given a colony of the monsters.  They work and live like that of bees and ants.  They build a massive fortress of some sort, eat, and protect the queen –the most elaborate alien of all time.  The queen is a mogul of special effects and puppeteering.  It is also one of the most memorable movie monsters ever, right up there with the shark from “Jaws” and Bela Lugosi’s “Dracula”.

The feel of the movie is angry, I suppose.  In the original, we were scared by what would pop out of the shadows.  In this sequel, guns, action, and a massive amount of amplified profanity take over.  This is a different movie; it needs a different feel.  If this were a true story, or even a documentary, then imagine one that would document the war inVietnam; guns blazing and soldiers yelling to the ears of the Almighty.  “Aliens” plays much to that mood and comes off as one of the best movies ever.

**** Stars

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