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Alien vs Predator Movie Review

One of my friends told me that since he was about fourteen, or something, he had been waiting for “Freddy vs. Jason” to be made.  I actually never followed up with him to see if the wait was worth it (I know that I would be definitely pissed if I were him), but it did start to give me some skepticism and secondary thoughts when it was announced that “Alien vs. Predator” would finally (about ten years of development “finally”) be made into a movie.  I had been waiting since I was about ten and saw “Predator 2”.  At the end of that movie, you might recall inside the Predator ship, an Alien skull is mounted in the trophy room, and since then, I couldn’t wait for the two space icons to hit the big screen on the same bill.

So, I went to go see it with all kinds of expectations and anticipations.  And, when it was over…well, I really didn’t know what to think.  To be honest, I was kind of disappointed.  Yeah, the movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t nearly what I thought it could have been.  Director Paul W.S. Anderson (“Resident Evil”, “Event Horizon”) comes up with a good and interesting story, but doesn’t capitalize on it as much as he should.  In it, for centuries – all the way back to the time of the Aztecs and ancient Egyptians, the Predators have been using humans as a way to breed the Aliens and then hunt them as a right of passage for their youngsters.  This time, they lure a group down to a pyramid like structure, buried somewhere in Antarctica.  Of course, when the humans get there, those creepy looking face huggers latch on and breed the black nightmarish aliens we know all too well.  Anyway, three teenage Predators arrive to hunt these aliens and return home with their trophies (apparently, this is a right of passage ritual for them).

The inside of pyramid captures the enclosed, trapping feeling made out in the original “Alien”.  And, in all honesty, the Predators seem to look out of place in the snow coveredAntarcticaand inside the stone building.  We’re all accustomed to seeing a strange transparent figure move about the thick jungle from “Predator”.  Watching them do the same in a flat, 90 degree angled corridors loses the scary uneasiness brought out by the original.  What’s worse, is when the two creatures do come together, it’s a bit disappointing.  One Predator is bumped off before we know it, and another not much longer. Andersonwas trying to bring back the horror of creatures hiding in shadows and moving right in front of you: you know they’re there but you just can’t see them!  It would have been nice to see more action between the two.  Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait for the sequel…believe me, if you saw “AvP”, then you are quite aware of the way the filmmakers opened the doors for one.

*** Stars

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