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Alien Resurrection Movie Review

Okay.  I’m not going to waste time with clever writing.  Witty puns, double meanings, and such.  No need for analogies or sentiments.  I’m just going to get to the point; make it quick and easy, simple and painless.  Alien: Resurrection sucked.  I don’t think that there was an entire moment in which I enjoyed the movie.  It’s a terrible thing what the movie makers here have done to the once creatively scary franchise.  The movie is nothing more than an example of awfulness.

The story, if it’s worth telling, involves the notorious Lt. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and those pesky bug-looking creatures with a narrow dome-shaped head.  If you remember from Alien 3, Ripley dies in the end; throwing herself and the newborn queen alien into a pit of liquid fire.  In this movie, scientists have found a way to bring her back via mixing her DNA with an alien’s (hence the title).

So Ripley is back, but not fully herself –she has some of the alien traits in her now since the mix.  But of course, other characters will come along to act out as alien chow.  They are a team of cargo ship operators and who care why they’ve come to the station.  And, of course, other aliens will have been created for the sci-fi monster setups.

The people arrive, the aliens get loose, and Ripley –being half human, half alien- is caught in the middle somehow.  Among the group is Winnona Ryder as a female android.  Why her?  Why bother to make the droid character a female?  It’s aHollywoodrule.  Once a character has been around for the first few movies, it’s time to put a twist on its setup.  More specifically, if a franchise has been male dominated, a female will have to come along sooner or later (think Terminator 3).  Anyway, it’s a thankless and stupid role for the actress.  Ryder has got good enough acting chops –though maybe not so much in the courtroom (applause)- but it’s obvious that there is little room for her in the sci-fi genre.

But let’s not dabble too much with the actors.  The real thing that people will be wanting to see is, of course, the aliens.  Well, …Resurrection supplies a lot.  In fact, they do so too much.  The aliens here are not made to be scary.  They become as common and visible as Ripley.  It was kind of cool, though, to see them swimming under water.  But Alien: Resurrection tries to put its own twist to the alien creatures.  Instead of the queen laying eggs, it gives birth like a human.  And, its offspring is probably one of the saddest and lamest works of creative creature design.

Alien: Resurrection, like I’ve said, is bad.  The story is bad, the characters are bad, the script is bad, and even the effects are bad.  Yes, they look real and good and all, but the aliens here have lost their frightfulness and power on the screen.  The animatronics are also some of the worst I’ve seen in the movies.  They look as though they belong in either a mid level amusement park or on some Sci-Fi Channel original.  But then again, so does the entire movie.

½* Star

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