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Alien 3 Movie Review

Alien 3 is a great looking, depressing film.  It has the same terrific effects of the first two, but director David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven) adds a touch of religious and death thematics.  The mix is an odd one.  I liked the movie, I liked it a lot.  I just could never really be involved in it as I was the previous ones –especially the second.

Alien was dark and intensely terrifying.  Aliens was full of raging action and even better art production and special effects.  Alien 3 is yellow, gloomy, and desolate.

In it, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has crash landed onto to desert wasteland of a planet.  The only inhabitants are the all male prisoners and their wardens.  The survivors from the sequel –Newt, the little girl, and Hicks, the soldier- have all died and Bishop, the cyborg (Lance Henriksen), has been dismantled.  Ripley though, has survived but she feels as though something else has as well.

Sure enough, an alien egg was laid on the ship and an alien will surely be born.  The alien here is the most unique of any.  It is smaller and slender but seemingly more powerful than any other we’ve seen.  It can move faster and even run upside down.  A nice touch for the movie is when the camera –in a wide angled lens –rolls through corridors as from the alien’s point of view.

Ripley has her most intense role of all the alien movies.  Here, she herself has been infected with the alien parasite.  The baby alien doesn’t bust from her chest so soon though because it is a queen.  It’s a nice direction for the movie and was intended to kill the franchise.  Of course they went on to make to absolutely terrible Alien Resurrection, but that’s for another time.

Anyway, Alien 3 is quite enjoyable, to a point.  It lacks the real fear of the first and the intense action of the second.  It looks great, but when the idea of dying and religious themes comes into play, the movie lags.

*** Stars

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