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A Night at the Roxbury Movie Review

The ever popular skit of the two socially dense night clubbers on Saturday Night Live, which featured Will Ferrell and Chris Katan was one the was, without question, aimed for destination:Hollywood.  It was always a favorite on the show and featured a long list of celebrity cameo appearances: from Jim Carrey in one, to Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson in another.  The big screen version might out stay its welcome a tad, but it still funny enough to do silly justice to its small screen inspiration.

“A Night at the Roxbury” is sheer silliness.  It doesn’t want to be anything else.  Whatever is funny is what will be seen here.  Sometimes, the movie veers off into unneeded subplots and supporting characters, which sometimes makes us forget the point of the movie, which is for the Wodombi brothers (Ferrell and Katan) to not only make into the most popular club in town, the Roxbury, but to also sell their own idea of a night club to the owner.

It’s pure jokes and comedy that’s wanted.  Anything else should be checked at the door.  And it’s worth the little effort made.  Will Ferrell and Chris Katan are a great comedy team.  They work as well as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis but are as intelligent as Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  As the idiot brothers, they go from club to club, famously bouncing their heads to the beat of Haddaway’s “What is Love”.  They’ve been doing this for as long as the first skit of this routine appeared on SNL and you would think that after one failure after another, they would have evolved to a new routine.  They don’t, and I don’t think anyone here will really mind all too much.

Anyway, we see them in their efforts to get into the Roxbury.  Most of the time, they end up at the end of the line.  Bribing the bouncer –a then unknown giant by the name of Michael Clark Duncan –with George Washington and his friend…George Washington is apparently not enough to get in.  But they pass the time with stories of things like seeing Emilio stepping out of a phone booth.  Emilio!!  The Mighty Duck Man, I swear to God!!

But sure enough they get in and meet the owner.  They sell him on their ideas and are immediate favorites of the quirky entrepreneur.  They get sidetracked when Steve (Ferrell) gets engaged to Stacey (Molly Shannon) and Doug moves out –to the backyard pool house.  Here, the movie slows down and suffers.  We were on such a humor buzz that the jokes seem trifled.  Not until the two reunite does the movie become funny again.  When Ferrell and Katan are together does the movie work.  They writers should have left them be.  Sure,Wayneand Garth split up for a little bit, but it wasn’t for as long and “Wayne’s World” had a bit more brain power than this.

Oh well.  “A Night at the Roxbury” is nothing else but an excuse to laugh.  Quite often, stupid can be fun.  Why not just be happy with that?  This movie sure is.

*** Stars

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