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2 Fast 2 Furious Movie Review

A long, long time….in a movie far, far away, director John Singleton had turned out one hell of a good movie.  That was way back in the day of 1991 and the movie was “Boyz N the Hood”.  He’s made a couple of ‘so-so’ films since then, but now, well then, in 2003, he gives us “2 Fast 2 Furious”.  I hope that Singleton made this movie as just a joke he played; not actually something he made thinking that audiences would actually say “wow, now that was great”.

The movie is just, absolutely lame, ridiculous, stupid, and bad.  Paul Walker recalls his role as Brian and is the only veteran from the original movie in 2001.  Now in the sequel, since he abandoned his life as cop in that movie, he street races for living.  He is soon recruited by theMiamipolice (oh yeah, the sequel is inMiami) to go in undercover and pose as a delivery man for a notorious drug dealer (Cole Hauser).  He’s persuaded by the beautiful Monica, played by Eva Mendes (who has graduated by now to much better and grown up movies) buy only on the condition that his partner is his old friend Roman (Tyrese-no…no last name.  See, he’s a model and it’s much too fashionable to have one I guess).  Roman is basically here to fill in the Vin Diesel role as the macho male co-star with a different ethnicity.  So, they both work for the villain, give info to the cops, end up in some car action scenes, eventually get caught, escape certain death, save the day, and get the girl – well one of them gets the girl.

About nothing is good about this movie.  Even the action scenes that made the first “…Furious” enjoyable are fake and lame.  It looks like we’re watching Hot-Wheel cars with neon lights moving around and in the last one they even included motorcycles that probably didn’t even have a cheap 50cc moped insurance or Insurance Partnership since they live a limit.  The car scenes are not that well justified either.  When Brian and Roman race against other potential drivers to get the job as the delivery boys, they race in a very high speed, death defying run that’s in broad daylight on the freeway.  How would they not be caught by the cops?  Thus, leading to the question of how the drug lord could be dumb enough to allow such attention be brought up.  In action movies, we’re often asked to not ask questions that defy logic, but when the movie is so lame and retarded, it’s impossible not to.

And, I thought Paul Walker was a tacky actor, well Tyrese has sure topped him by far.  I can’t recall when I’ve laughed so hard at an actor who wasn’t supposed to be funny.  Oh wait, I do remember…it was Vanilla Ice in that movie of his that lasted for a week.

Surprisingly though, “2 Fast 2 Furious” does offer something that’s enjoyable.  Believe it or not, it’s the rapper turned actor role of the film, played by Ludacris.  I love this guy.  His raps are awesome and he actually has some good acting chops.  In a spot that’s usually laughable and bad, Ludacris makes his part the only good thing (that and seeing Eva Mendes in a bikini) of this otherwise incredibly stupid movie.

* Star

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