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Armageddon Movie Review

Oh woe is me, for the movie Gods, who are known to have wise and good taste of movies, shall strike me down in midst of reading this review.  Everyone knows that “Armageddon” is not that great of a flick.  It’s a lot of big special effects, stunt work, turned up orchestrated music –and sappy […]

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Any Given Sunday Movie Review

The veteran star quarterback is sacked at injured in less than ten seconds.  He’s replaced by the second stringer who is also sacked and injured in even less amount of time.  The defense score off the sack and the Miami Sharks get the ball back.  The coach is screwed.  He has to now rely on […]

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Animal House Movie Review

If every college student on the planet was allowed to have only one movie for their entire college career (no matter how long that may be) I have a sneaking suspicion that “Animal House” would be the consensus choice.  No other comedy hails college, sophomoric stupidity as brilliantly as this cinematic masterpiece that features the […]

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Anger Management Movie Review

“Anger Management” is a hit and miss of a movie.  It strikes a perfect note in its casting of Jack Nicholson, but fails to really take advantage ofHollywood’s most colorful actor.  The movie, as we may all know by now, is about     (Adam Sandler) being ridiculously accused of flaring his temper on an airplane and […]

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An Officer and a Gentlemen Movie Review

“An Officer and a Gentleman” is a military movie wrapped around a love story.  It’s about a social drop out who enlists in the Navy’s Officer Training program and unwillingly falls in love with one of the nearby town’s girls.  The trainee is Sean Mayo (Richard Gere) and the girl is Paula (Debra Winger).  Also […]

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American Wedding Movie Review

The first two “American Pie” flicks are incredibly funny and charming.  They’re both crude but allow us to really care about the characters (rare in today’s comedies based on gross out).  “American Wedding” is made in the same fashion.  Most of the characters are back and so is the charm of the first two. The […]

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American Pie Movie Review

In time in which high school kids are made out to be nothing more than either disgusting and brainless, or sweet and have an incredibly and annoying vast vocabulary and sentence structure, “American Pie” is a champion of showing us what really goes on in the hallways and in bedrooms after school. It’s crude, gross, […]

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American Pie 2 Movie Review

“American Pie 2” is a crude and obnoxious sequel to the 1999 hit, but it’s still damn funny.  This follow up is lacking the smarts and honesty of its young heroes that was in the first, but the charm and hilarious comedy is still there and greatly amplified. In it, the guys from the original […]

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Always Movie Review

One thing that Steven Spielberg is a master of is presenting us with the most beautiful imagery and telling a terrific story while doing so.  His 1985 film “Always” is a great example of this.  In the movie, a remake of 1944’s “A Guy Named Joe”, Pete (Richard Dreyfus), a pilot fire fighter dies in […]

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All the Right Moves Movie Review

I don’t think that a movie has captured the life style high school football so much as “All the Right Moves”.  It illustrates the importance of the game, not as a sport, but as a religious ritual that makes or breaks the future of the players, coaches, and the people who support them. It’s a […]

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